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Denim, denim, denim.

New favorite place to buy denim? Abercrombie! Don't knock it till you try and if you have already tried, try again! I swear you can find a pair you'll love!

I know finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy task. At least it never has been for me. Everyone has different struggles when it comes to finding a pair of jeans you truly love. They get baggy through out the day, they are too tight in one place but too loose in another, they aren't long enough, they aren't short enough, you don't like the way they make you look etc. For me, it was such a frustrating task so I would just settle on ones I knew would fit but that I didn't feel good in. There is no joy in that, you guys! Fast forward to today, I feel more confident and comfortable than I ever have in my Abercrombie denim! I have found styles that fit my body the right way, and that I feel good in!

I'm going to share my top three favorite pairs of jeans from Abercrombie with you as well as two pairs of shorts that I LOVE!

-SIZING I size UP one size in all Abercrombie shorts. I personally like a looser fit in my shorts. Jeans are TTS (true to size) and occassionaly beacuse I have very long legs, I will order the long length.

-STYLE As we all know there are so many different styles of jeans out there and it seems like the trends change daily. Abercrombie has a plethora of styles from "mom jean", "mid-rise", "high-rise", "jean legging", "skinny", "boyfriend" etc. etc. One of Abercrombie's new styles is "curve love" and they have amazing reviews. They are designed to fit your body type from top to bottom. The pairs I'm about to share with you are all different styles so you'll be able to see their differences and maybe decide which is something more your style.

From left to right starting first with the "Curve Love High Rise Super Skinny Ankle Jean" in dark wash and TTS regular length. These are the newest pair I have. I love the buttons on the front adding a extra cute but casual look with a front tucked graphic tee. Super stretchy material. I do wish I had sized up one in these because they do feel a little too snug in the waist, which must be the case for this new style but I do really love the fit of these. I love the raw hem on these, they will look so cute in the summer with sandals.

Next is The "High Rise Jean Legging" in medium dark wash, TTS (long length for me).

MY FAVORITE! These are SO. GOOD. If you live in leggings like I do, these are your jeans. You won't believe how soft and stretchy these are yet look so nice! These could totally be dressed up. They seriously feel like butter!

Last up for jeans are the "Mid Rise Super Skinny Ankle Jeans" in medium wash TTS. These definitely tie with the high rise jean leggings for my favorite. I have worn these so many times in the last few months, they are so breathable and stretchy! I love the frayed hem and I love where these fall on my waist! I ordered these in the long as well.

Finally, shorts! Summer will be here before we know it and even if we can only be in our own backyards, we can still look cute right? I wore Abercrombie shorts all summer long last year, so for this summer I ordered two more pairs. First you'll see their brand new style the "High Rise Mom Shorts" in medium destroy, I absolutely love the fit and feel of these. They cover the booty which is a huge plus and they are so comfortable. The next ones are the "Mid Rise Stretch Shorts" in medium wash and they are just that! So, so stretchy!! I sized up one size in both of these as I normally do in their shorts however, I do think I would have been fine in my regular size in the mid rise stretch shorts since they have so much stretch to them.

I hope you find this helpful and I hope that you step out of your comfort zone a little too! Lmk if you have any questions, I would love to help if I can.

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