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Updated: Feb 5, 2020

HIIII! I know some of you are probably like, “geeze it’s about time Katie,” and some of you may have no idea what this even is. Well, I’m here to explain. I have wanted to start some sort of blog for a LONG time but I had just about every excuse in the book to keep putting it off. “I’m too busy with work,” or “I’m too preoccupied with planning my wedding,” “Would anyone even be interested in what I had to say or share?” “I have no idea how to set up a website!” or “What if it totally fails?!”

That is the big one. Fear of failure. I know I’m not alone here. What got me here though, where you are reading my first official blog post, is that every day that went by, despite the fears, I still wanted to do this. I still wanted to give it my all. Because one thing is for sure, if I let those fears win, I wouldn’t be staying true to myself. Who cares if it fails? At least I tried.

My whole life, all the jobs I have had, have always had one thing in common. Whether it was being a teenager and managing a group of employees at a Health Club, teaching preschool, being a personal assistant, a health insurance specialist, a full time nanny, or what I do now, running a home daycare. I was always teaching, making sure projects were completed, writing out lesson plans, directing people to the best option for them, and being the smiling front face of small businesses and big companies. Making people happy and satisfied, serving them with the knowledge they needed, and playing mom at such a young age. These were all just some of the things I did on a daily basis. All of these jobs though very different, had one thing in common. They FED my passion. I LOVE to help others!

I bet you are wondering though, how this led me to wanting to start a blog? Super random? Well first off, I love to write (and talk) who are we kidding?! I also have found an extreme passion in decorating since we moved into our home two years ago. I love channeling my inner Joanna Gaines with a little twist. I have always loved a good DIY project, and as of recently, I love everything beauty! I never knew how much a person could love makeup. But I get it now and I am obsessed. I can’t forget my love for Trader Joe’s, trying new recipes, and getting a cozy hoodie online for 60% off. I’m here for it ALL, you guys! And I want to share all these things of mine with you!

We all know by now, I think, that blogging and influencing is a HUGE thing today. You see blogs and vlogs all over social media. You follow a certain blog because it speaks to you, they write and talk about things that interest you, right? You follow all your favorite influencers on instagram because you trust them. You’re able to make that great dinner you made for your family because they posted their favorite recipe. You have that new adorable dress on, because one of them shared it on their page and it was even half off! I mean, does it get any better? They all have different tips and tricks up their sleeves and I have truly found a handful myself that I follow religiously, that I trust 100% and most of them have even made this their full time jobs! Crazy, right? That’s a dream right there but it will take hard work. Each and every one of them have something unique about them and that is what makes me scared but also love this new venture because, yes, we could say there are millions of bloggers, vloggers and influencers, why would we need another? However, there are also millions of teachers in this world, nurses, doctors, and personal trainers. Are they all the same? Absolutely not. They all are unique; they all have their own niches and different ways of doing their work.

So, yes here I am. Katie. Another girl starting a blog. Another girl sharing her favorite things on Instagram and you know what? I am freakin’ excited for it. I’ve said it before, I have no agenda here. I am here to share stories, recipes, décor, fashion finds, products, my love for my family and friends and most importantly just spread some smiles and kindness your way! So THANK YOU for reading and I hope you enjoy following along.

Comment below something you may want to see from me :)

XO Katie

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