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My cup of "Joe"

It’s been a few weeks since I published a blog post, let’s just say things have been a little crazy and honestly still are! Such is life. However, I thought what better way though to kind of slow down, take a break from the chaos, relax and talk some love! We sure need some feel good stuff right about now and I’m currently laying on the couch binge watching “love is blind” (don’t judge me) so I thought writing this post now was kind of the perfect timing.

We are LESS than 2 months away you guys! This is no joke anymore. For those who may not know, I am talking about a dang wedding here, I am getting married. Married to my best friend.

Joe, my really sweet boyfriend (yes, I still like to call him that) and I started dating roughly 3 years ago.

I personally wouldn’t say it was “love at first sight” but it sure was “something” at first sight for me. I, in pure Katie fashion was running into CrossFit a little bit late one evening and quickly snuck myself into the warmup hoping no one would notice me (that was a fail, my brother/the coach never missed a beat, sorry Bry).

Any who, I joined in and in that moment looked to my left and saw an unfamiliar face, a quite cute unfamiliar face I might add and I was like OH hello, who are you!?

I’ll spare you every little detail of me making my way into this guys life, but I needed to know him. I felt it in my soul. My mom likes to say her and Joe were friends before us which is true. They hit it off at the gym right away which led to Joe and I being around each other more and more and chatting it up before and after our workouts. Wait, mom did you plan this all??

Long story short, all this hanging out, working out, and small talk led to Joe becoming one of my best friends. It was an instant connection, I felt like I could tell him anything in the world and he would always listen and say all the right things. That summer of the year we met, led to a lot of pool parties that I invited Joe to at my Aunt’s house with our friends. A lot of bonfires, laughs, competitive corn hole and kanjam games. We even decided to do a CrossFit competition that July. (UGH) Little did I know, everyone around me knew this was it. Knew he was the one for me. They had never seen me laugh, smile and be truly myself around someone the way I did around Joe. I denied, denied, denied. "We are only friends". HA, yeah right! I knew there was something there, but I was just waiting for him to say something first and it wasn't long at al until he did. He shared his true feelings with me, that I OBVIOUSLY felt as well. He took me on our very first “date” for sushi, and I have honestly never looked back. My life forever changed. I remember sitting with one of my best friends one night and spilling all the details, that I literally broke out in hives. The emotions were strong when it came to Joe and I. We had a undeniable bond, I knew I loved him so much. I had never formed such an emotional connection with someone so strongly before. He was seriously my person. I think forming that friendship and diving so deep into such a special connection right off the bat got us to where we are today. Not only are we getting married in 55 days, but we have been through and accomplished so much together in such a short time. We moved in with each other, to a tiny studio apartment very quickly and that time in our life is something I will cherish forever. We both have always known what we wanted and have similar mentalities when it comes to making our dreams a reality and we have done so together. We bought our first house in February of 2018, we have changed jobs, started a business, vacationed, struggled, succeeded, argued, laughed, cried and so on. We are no pros at relationships, but we do both know that our relationship comes above all, our marriage will always come first, our communication with each other and our support for one another will always be top priority. I love him more each and every day. We learn from each other every day and most importantly we continue to grow together every day. I can't wait to see what all the years of our lives together will bring, and I'll be sure to share along the way with you guys!



Now, let’s get on to some fun spring décor and fashion!!

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